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Mister D: I received this email after Bette’s appearance on David Letterman tonight. I received emails like this the last time she was on. The righties seem to have some kind of watchdog group to attack any celebrity that makes the slightest criticism of President Bush. I basically wanted to show the BLB readers just how juvenile some of these people are, regardless of one’s politics. Those of you that may agree with this lady may want to write her a letter of support and those of you that disagree with her…well…have at it…personally I’ve grown quite weary of these malcontents…also, just for the record, these are strictly my opinions and not Ms. Midler’s:

Date: 2004/07/08 Thu AM 12:05:30 EDT
Subject: Comment on fan status

Will no longer be a fan as I heard you tonight on Letterman say negative comments about our president. How can you afford to be partisan in public? Your image is now changed forever and I will share that with other conservative fans. So disappointed.

Beth Gephart, Raleigh, NC

Dear Ms. Gephart:

First off…this is not Bette Midler’s official site, so she won’t get this message, and I think at this point in her career she could care less if you are a fan or not. This is America where everyone has the right to express their opinion….whether you’re rich, poor, black, white…et cetera, et cetera…

Did you write Arnold Shwarzneggar a juvenile email, too, when he campaigned on Jay Leno? Do you find it okay for presidential candidates and other politicians to go on talk shows to hobnob with the celebrities…??? Today there is almost no distinction between politics and entertainment…artists like Ms. Midler have the right to comment on politics, too, and most know that they may lose fans, altho sometimes they make more fans…(so it kind of evens out in the end I suppose) Just because she is in entertainment doesn’t mean her citizenship has been revoked. Grow up…we’re in the 21st Century…

You know what? Go run and tell your little friends what Bette said like some little classroom snitch…which is exactly what you neocons do when anyone exercises their rights to ask questions or make comments on a President and his administration who basically have tried to shut down any sort of dialogue that made this country great…

Disappointed indeed….you should be ashamed of yourself…

Love, Mister D


As an afterthought, I’d like to remind other readers who might be a little disgruntled like Ms. Gephart to not forget all the grand things Bette has done for this country besides sharing her amazing talent with us all….

Don’t forget the countless charites and benefits she’s given herself to over the years such as her AIDS work, her beautification projects in both LA and New York City (NYRP), her little known work in the educational system (hope she devotes more time to that soon), her literacy campaign, and her efforts to help in any way she could the citizens of New York, Boston, and D.C right after the tragedy of Sept 11th thru the beauty of her artistry as a singer. Many people felt her voice and message were healing…..

I could go on ad nauseum, but I think that’s enough to show you how much Ms. Midler has given back to this country that has treated her so well…even though one does not have to give anything back to this country to express a friggin opinion…

Sometimes I think republicans are just jealous because they can’t find many celebrities to endorse their party…so have fun listening to your Swarznegger (sp) and Bo Derek albums (CD’s) 🙂

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