Have A Favor To Ask: I Need Some Prayers

I know many of you know the name Chef Bev from Canada…she’s been a great on-line friend of mine for years. I had asked ya’ll one time before for some prayers because Bev’s mother had some bad internal bleeding and was rushed to the hospital about a year ago…I heard from many of you and I also just know that many of you took the time out to say a silent prayer…her mom felt that it helped her during that rocky period….

Bev wrote me late tonight and said she and her mom had been shopping when her mom fell and broke her hip….as we all know this is very serious. Her Mom felt that the prayers helped her last time and she specifically asked Bev to ask the BetteHeads for prayers again right before she was to go into surgery. I would have asked you ladies and gents anyway. So if you would, just take a moment and send Chef Bev and Mom the most healing thoughts you can muster up….the power of prayer is strong….

Those of you who like to write down your support… I can always forward your emails to Bev….

Thank you all so much for listening and taking the time…let’s all wish Bev’s mom a swift and speedy recovery….

Much love and thank you all….


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