The “Pauley” Pall (and thanks for the pics, Da’Vi)


Photo: Da’Vi

Well, BetteHeads, it seems like the Pauley show is ALL over the place with screwy things happening. Bette’s episode aired in some places yesterday and it’s airing in other places today….

Just got a couple of emails from irritated fans…seems like the showing of it this morning was interrupted twice by “breaking news” items that didn’t need to be “broke”….

Did we really need to see that Martha has decidedly gone to prison instead of waiting….or that Gov. McGreevey…well I have no idea why he was breaking news…whatever…it could have waited…

Anyway, Da’Vi was nice enough to send some pics from the show…I can’t get all of them up here, but can put more up when I get home…

Love, Mister D

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