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Photo: Courtesy of Darrell Redmond

Mister D: Well, I’m late again, but hell, closer than I was last time. Darrell has updated the song of the week. I remember her singing this song quite vividly, or maybe it wasn’t this song, so it’s not quite so vividly…what do you expect from a middle-aged raisin…Anyway, I’m thinking of the time she was on The Tonight Show way before her album came out….she was wearing a halter top with no bra, and let’s just say….it looked as if an earthquake had been let loose underneath that garment….even Johnny had to mention something…so enjoy this song and just envision Bette’s halter top and the force of nature that was her chest…!

Song Of The Week

Sh-Boom Sh-Boom
June 24, 1973

Bette performs one of her lost, but not forgotten, classic songs from the early days at the 1973 Blossom Music Festival in Cuyahoga Falls.

Click On This Link: Bette On The Boards

Thanks Darrell

Love, Mister D

PS: Darrell sent me one of his splendid video editing jobs on a song Bette sang in a certain movie….he’s filled in all the gaps into a seamless video performance….bravo!!! I’ll be putting it up this week….

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