A Big Thanks To Those I Met In The Big Apple Saturday…


Photo: Mister D, Perry, Marci, and Julia (the bette-ettes)
Photo taken by Barry Shermer

I plan on writing a review and maybe a little essay about my trip to New York once I get settled in. I have to say this was a really special trip for me because I had the chance to meet Bette fans that I met thru Bootleg Betty…those who write me on a semi-regular basis and have contributed in some degree or another to the success of the site…..

The first two people I met were Linda and Jaqueline who are part of The Divine Dutchies from the Netherlands. Two were missing…my longtime Divine Nanny friend, Sara, and the newest Dutchie, Randy. I’ve known Sara for quite some time, so it was kind of bittersweet for us, but she was sublimely represented by the two I met….we had coffee and cheesecake….talked about Bette and about ourselves….then to top it off they brought me PRESENTS!!! I love it…one was a book on the Netherlands so I could be a little familiar with their country when I visit!!! And a 90lb book on Atlantic Records with kick ass pics, including those of Bette 🙂 Anyway, they were both beautiful ladies with kind souls…Barry and I really enjoyed spending some time with them….they flew all the way to New York to see Bette and they seemed to be having a divine time…hope you have a safe trip back ladies…

At Radio City I ran into a lot of people…I think they found me because of my hair!!! I met Perry, Julia, and Marci (hope I spelled your name right)…later, Andy B. and a couple of his friends, of course, April. The only one I remember that I was to meet but missed was Nigel from the UK…so that was disappointing…but I have a feeling we will meet another time…This all was a very special treat….and ladies, you were the cutest things I have ever laid my eyes on….if only I were straight, you’d be running and screaming for help… 🙂

Later on, Perry, Julia, and Marci ran into Barry and I leaving backstage and we all had a great time talking over coffee at Starbucks. It was great getting to know them and putting faces to names…thanks from myself and Barry…we had a great time…altho, it was WAY past out bedtime….girls just wanna have fun!!!

Love, Mister D

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