Happy Birthday April

Photo: Barry Shermer

Happy Birthday April!!!!

I just wanted tp say Happy Birthday to April and tell all of you and her how wonderful it was to meet her Saturday night at Radio City. We have emailed each other thru the years and have had a kind of playful interaction…me, Batman, you, Batgirl…silly, but fun stuff.

It just so happened that she was sitting right behind me at the show and this picture was taken by Barry during intermission. She was a fabulous conversationalist, witty, and vibrant….just as her emails have been over the years…

So I was glad to find out this was her birthday and that I could be a part of it. Thank you April for being so supportive over the years and for contributing whenever you could to BootLeg Betty. Also thank you for being a great friend to my co-partner in webmastering, Darrell Redmond….

And thank you for making Barry take this picture of us….even though you look beautiful and my head looks like an oversized birthday cake….don’t even think about eating me….!!!! 🙂

Hope this is a fabu day and that there are many more in store for you…happy happy birthday xfiles gal!!!!

Love, Mister D

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