DIVINE Charm Bracelets 4 A Divine Cause

Mister D: And Lisa’s a teacher, too, so give her some props!!!! I’ll have a page where you can see the pictures better as soon as possible, but they are as cute as can be…..

DIVINE Charm Bracelets 4 A Divine Cause

Here we are, thick in the middle of KMB concert season! I know you are asking yourself and others, “What DIVINE accessory do I have to wear with my carefully selected KMB attire? Something that promises to make me LOOK GOOD!! I’m already BEAUTIFUL DAMMIT, but a Bettehead has a biological need to accessorize, honeeeeyy!!”

Here is your answer… the perfect accessory is a DIVINE Bette-themed charm bracelet, of course! Too late for your concert date? That’s okay, this is still a GREAT little accessory you can wear anytime!! It’s the perfect touch of Bette to make any mundane day a DIVINE day! It’s also a great little gift idea for the Bettehead on your Winter Holiday gift list! All of this and make a donation to NYRP, too????? Yes, it’s true! Don’t miss out on the fun, get one now for yourself… and pick one up for the Bettehead in your life! It’s truly THE GIFT OF LOVE!

Charms: pineapple, platform heel, corsett, rose, musical note, star sunglasses, statue of liberty.

I know you’re now asking yourself, “How do I get a bracelet AND also make a donation to NYRP?” Here are the easy steps. I cannot wait to hear from you! I am so excited about my bracelts/donation project!!!

1. Email me, BHouseLisa@aol.com (Lisa). Ask me any other questions and/or tell me that you are interested in a bracelet. Also, tell me what, if anything, you want your bracelet to say. I have been making them with “DIVINE,”written across them, which I love, but I can do anything 8 letters or fewer. “Kiss it, KMB, MS. M, NYRP, DIVA, whatever!”

As soon as I hear from you, I’ll put you on my order list and send you an email.

2. Once you have gotten an email back from me, send me (a.) an envelope which includes a $15 check or cash, (b.) any additional NYRP donation you may want to make, (c.) a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (a mailing envelope with your address printed on the mailing address portion of the envelope) w/ (d.) 3 stamps on it to:

Lisa Smith
PO Box 1251
Carbondale, IL 62903

[Although my first goal is to share these FUN bracelets with other fans, I have an even more exciting second goal. My second goal is to raise money for NYRP. $2 from each bracelet I sell (the “profit” from each bracelet) will go to NYRP. You may, if you are so inclined, add extra $ to your $15, which will be included in the NYRP donation. I hope to have enough money donated ($100+) to be able to donate a tree to NYRP, “In honor of Betteheads everywhere!” Once I have enough to purchase a tree for us, the donation will be submitted, along with a list of all betteheads who purchased a DIVINE bracelet. Any money beyond the $100 will be donated as the other bracelet orders come in. If I don’t sell enough bracelets to purchase a tree, I will still donate all money collected to NYRP.]

3. If you send me a check, I will deposit the check. As soon as your check has cleared, or I get your cash, I will place your one-of-a-kind bracelet(s) in the 3 stamp S.A.S.E. you sent me & send it off to you.

Important: Make your checks out to: Lisa Smith
If you have trust issues, you can make out 2 checks….one for $13.00 to Lisa Smith and one to NYRP for $2.00 or even more if you can afford it….and although there are no worries, if you don’t get your bracelet, Lisa knows I have my ways (although I think she MAY like them)…anyway I will track her down and slap her smack dab in the face with a mackeral if I have to 🙂

4. Email me to say you’ve received your bracelet. Then, wear your bracelet and ENJOY, you DIVINE thing, you!!! They’re so much fun!

*Note, please do not take a bracelet as a gift to Bette at your concert. I already mailed two different ones to her this summer. Mahalo!

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