In What Ways Has Bette Inspired You?

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Hey Betteheads!

To make sure I really go broke, I’m flying back to New York this Saturday for approximately 6 days in order to attend Hulaween and take a much needed vacation. Last year I asked ya’ll if you’d like to send Bette good luck wishes which I included in a gift basket and she seemed genuinely happy to have received them. This year I would like to do something a little different.

This year I’d like to ask those who want to participate to send me emails that describe in what positive ways Bette has inspired you. For example, some people have been inspired by Bette’s community work which in turn helped some give back to their own community in their own special way. Others have decided to go into show business. Some have been able to tread thru rough times. Some have been inspired by her political actions. So you kind of get the gist…

Anyway, this year I will be able to give the basket personally to Bette and I would love to include your emails if you want to be a part of this. All I ask is that you not write a novel….try to keep it short and focused…at least under 500 words. If you would be so kind, include your name (just first if you’re shy), where you are from (city/state/country) and your email if you so desire…whatever makes you feel more comfortable…

I need these emails by Friday afternoon (Oct 22, 2004)…cut off time 5:00 pm central time…

Thanks in advance and have fun with this….

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Love, Mister D

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