Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hiatus!

To those who celebrate Thanksgiving…Have a Happy One…if you don’t…just eat like a glutton and be at one with all of us!

I’m taking a few days off from the madness of the world, the internet, and email. I’ll have new music, polls, and maybe a couple of videos to share by Monday morning…so until then, have a good one….

Everybody give a big shout out to Bruce Vilanch today…it’s his birthday and I love him, so send him some fabulous thoughts…I’ve put up a few new articles he has written for those that like to read:

Over and out

Boo, We’re Gay!

Pitch, pitch, pitch!

I’d like to say I’m thankful for all the Betteheads and friends I made thru various sites, esp thru Bootleg Betty and Bette on the Boards…it’s been awesome. Loved meeting those on the road during my travels…it was honestly fun to meet you all…

Thanks to Bette, the band, the harlettes, and crew for making this year and a half so special to me….

Many thanks to Richard, Jill, Marty, Eric, and Eric for making dreams come true….

Thanks to Barry, my family, my lovely babies (my cats) and friends (ya know who ya are)

Last, but not least, thanks to God for making me a gay man so I could fulfill “HIS” plan to curb the heterosexual’s need to overpopulate this glorious little world of ours….it’s nice to have a purpose! 🙂

Everybody have a great week!!!!

As always….

Love, Mister D

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