Okay I’m A Bitch…Whatever!

I have compromised and started streaming the music I put up…so some of you are writing and complaining about not being able to download, but this is the deal I made with someone important to me…most likely you will need to download Windows Media Player to listen to these files….also here is a troubleshooting ditty for you.

I know it’s hard, but please don’t write begging for me to send you the mp3’s…I just don’t have the time. Please just enjoy them for the time they are up…also these are floating around the internet everywhere, so you’re bound to run into them sooner or later. Also there are many who just rip them and then sell them on ebay or yahoo groups. This is a deterrent , but I know there are ways around it…so those of you who do find a way to get them….good for you. Just don’t sell them for your own profit…at least donate the money to NYRP…

I hope you understand and thanks in advance…

Try playing the following file from this unrelated site’s link:

If that works, then try my link again:

If you have the same problem on both sites, try loading the latest version of Windows Media Player on your PC/Mac:

Love, Mister D

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