What Is Wrong With This Email?

Mister D: Darrell received this email the other day. I received a similar one but by a different person, and then one by a “committee” of Bette fans. The funny thing is that they essentially were written from the same cloth or template. Read it critically and I think you can come up with several reasons why this probably was not, nor the others, real Bette fans…it’s more like the neocon bullshit moral majority crank machine looking for any entertainer that dare speaks their mind (it’s meant to intimidate the artist into shutting up, but for many that’s not gonna happen…what is it with you people…I don’t fire off cranky letters to Toby Keith!)…laughable and pathetic all at the same time… 🙂 And like Darrell says…why are these people writing to us? We don’t really care what these people think…at all! Plus we ain’t Bette Midler!

“Have been a fan since the 70’s. Last night at the America West Arena I had 4 floor seats.NOV 27, My husband and I were very excited and took our 23 year old daughter and friend. Cost over $600.00

The show was not very good. The accoustice were awful. Bette sang beautifully as expected. But the songs were few and the comic tone about the President of the (our, like it or not) United States out of line. I was sorry she felt the need to use the F word so much.

I will contiue to by her CD’s but not go to her show. I really felt it was a DIVA monemt and she took the money and got on the next plane laughing at her fans, for a 45% performnce.


Love, Mister D

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