It’s Time To Put Bette On A List (Thank You Lisa!)

Live Daily Music is running a poll to select NOMINEES for an end of the year list and Ms. M qualifies for several…so we all need to be unified here…Here is the description and list of categories….the link to post your choices will be at the bottom of this post:

The year’s top artists, albums, performers, websites, music news stories and more will be determined by liveDaily’s readers in our Best of 2004 Music Survey, which is now accepting nominations. I bolded the categories where I thought she really had a chance

Readers may submit their nominees in the following 14 categories:

Artist of the Year

Album (CD or other musical collection) of the Year

Song of the Year

New Artist of the Year

Arena (large venue) Concert Tour or Event of the Year

Club (small venue) Concert Tour or Event of the Year

Live Performer of the Year

Opening or Support Act of the Year

Music Newsmaker of the Year

Music News Topic of the Year

Online Music Service of the Year

Music Community/Opinion Site/Weblog of the Year

Artist or Label-run Artist Site of the Year

Fan-run Artist Site of the Year

The nomination phase of the survey–which will determine the Top 5 finalists in each category–runs through Dec. 10, 2004.

From Dec. 13 through Dec. 26, final voting will take place among the Top 5 in each category.

The winners of liveDaily’s Best of 2004 Music Survey will be announced at on Dec. 29.

To submit your nominations: Click Here

Send this to all the BetteHeads and Groups…

Love, Mister D

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