Tid-Bettes: Thank you Richard, Debbie, and Carl

More reviews from Phoenix came in thanks to Debbie and Richard…thanks for coming thru lady and gent!

Carl, from one of my ole fave Bette websites, Bettechive.com, sent in this bit of info which will make many of you happy:

The cable channel “TV Land” will presenting their listing of the 100 most significant events in TV history all next week. The new issue of “TV Guide” contains their list, and of course Bette’s performance on Johnny Carson’s final “Tonight Show” broadcast in 1992 is included (#41.)

From what I read last night, this list seem to be of higher caliber than some previoius “rankings” of this sort, especially since it also list major news stories. In fact, they dominate top five events (#1: WTC collapse; #2: Apollo 11 Moon landing; #3: the destruction of the Space Shuttle Challenger; #4: M.J. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.)

The series will be running Dec. 6 – 10, with the newest chapter broadcast at 10:00 PM (eastern) each day, and an all-day marathon of all five shows on Saturday (Dec. 11.) Their doing 20 events a night, so Bette’s segment should be on December 8th.


Thanks to all of you for participating to the site. And, Carl, let me know what you’re up to!!!

Love, Mister D

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