Reminder: It’s World AIDS Day…Take Action

Take Action on World AIDS Day! Call Tommy Thompson Today!

A Final Push Needed to Protect People With AIDS in Medicare Drug Regulations!

A significant number of the individuals using Medicare and Medicaid to meet HIV/AIDS needs are very ill individuals who are particularly sensitive to drug cost changes. If the final medicare drug regulation designates people with HIV/AIDS as a special population, it would provide full access to life-saving drugs.

We are making one final push to ensure that the final regulations make individuals with HIV/AIDS a “special population.” This will help make sure that the unique needs of people living with HIV/AIDS are met, including access to necessary drugs.

How you can help:

Today, Wednesday, December 1st, call the office of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, and say:

“I am calling to urge Secretary Thompson to treat people with HIV as a special population in the Medicare prescription drug law regulations so people with AIDS have affordable access to the drugs they need to stay alive.”

You can call either of the numbers below. Make sure you ask to be directed to the Secretary’s office.

(202) 690-5400
(877) 696-6775

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Thanks, Don

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