Happy Birthday Ms. M Wherever You May Be!

Ms. M…you know it goes without saying that we all love you and wish you the happiest birthday on earth, but maybe it could be better said in a poem. Happy Birthday Bette Midler. Thank you Andy for the original poem:


She gave hope to so many with more than one song.
Her career, like her memory, is very, very long.
She’s won numerous awards from both fans and peers.
She’s bigger than life and you are afraid you can not get near.
She’s extremely kind and oh so sweet.
You think she’s very brassy and crass, until you meet.
She fights for the enviroment, she fights for the cause.
Supporting legislation, hoping to pass some laws.
Laws that wil protect the trees and the grass.
Cleaning up our air, recycling glass.
AIDS is another problem she helps and hopes to overcome.
Educating people so they do not act so dumb.
When these people are shunned , she feels it is not right.
We have to band together, we have to learn to fight.
So if you have not figured out who this woman could be.
Take your pick of names Rose, Dixie, or even Cee Cee.
But to paraphrase her work , that number one song she sings,
My hero , Bette Midler, the wind beneath my wings.

Thank you Andy! Now let’s all go eat some birthday cake!!!!

Love, Mister D

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