Post Inaugaration Notes

I found Bush’s speech, to be frank, dumbfoundingly disturbing. Much to my amazement, so did some of my conservative friends.

From my perspective, this may be the only president in history to make a beautiful expression as “spreading freedom” sound threatening at worst or like a venereal disease someone might catch at the minimum.

From here on it’s time to unfurl out of the fetal position and begin thinking how to take back the house and/or senate so that there is some type of checks and balances in our government. As it stands, everything is Republican controlled, so we all live or die by their sword….prepare now for the 2006 elections.

On another note, anybody catch Cheney on Imus…talking about going to war with Iran? Are we going to clone an army?

For a 40 million dollar plus inaugaration, Bush spent an average of 8 minutes at 9 balls…you do the math.

Be afraid….very afraid!

Love, Mister D

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