Mandy Moore Shows Her Midler Colors In Yet Another Interview

Mandy Moore: The actress, singer and–natch!–clothing designer (of the new Mblem T-shirt line) reveals a few of her favorite things.(Guilty Pleasures)
In Style; 2/1/2005; Herman, James Patrick
Byline: James Patrick Herman

1 MIDNIGHT SNACK? “I eat candy corn all year round–not just for Halloween. I fool myself into thinking it’s not that bad because it’s made with honey. That’s what the package says.”

2 TOURISTY TRIP? “Islands of Adventure is so much fun. I go with my friends when I’m home in Orlando. It’s cotton candy and water rides and roller coasters. The Incredible Hulk is my favorite ride. I don’t find roller coasters scary. I love the adrenaline rush.”

3 CHEAP THRILL? “I know this will sound petty, but I am obsessed with my eyelash curler. I don’t like wearing much makeup, but as long as I curl my eyelashes, I feel like I’m A-OK. The best one is Shu Uemura. It’s, like, $16.”

4 KARAOKE SONG? “Britney Spears’s ‘Baby One More Time’ is my guilty pleasure. Oh gosh, I feel creepy saying that. But it’s fun to sing and, like, flop around. I can’t dance–I have no skills whatsoever.”

5 DESSERT? “I try to be healthy–I’m not a big fast-food person–but I definitely have a sweet tooth. I’m really not that picky when it comes to dessert. The Cheesecake Factory does a fantastic peanut butter cup cheesecake. No complaints there.”

6 SHOPPING ADDICTION? “You gotta love Target, man! It’s the store you go into for four things and you end up having a bill for $500. I wear Hanes men’s tank tops just about every day, so I’m always at Target picking up more.”

7 LATE-NIGHT TV? “Conan O’Brien is so goofy, he cracks me up. I usually go to bed early. If I’m up late watching TV I’m pretty delirious. And that’s the vibe of his show.”

8 SPA SPLURGE? “I love getting hot stone massages. I don’t do it often, so it’s a real treat. If you ever get the chance and you just want to pamper yourself completely, go to the Mandarin Oriental in New York. It’s the nicest spa I’ve ever been to.”

9 CHEESY MOVIE? “I’ve seen Beaches 50 times! Are you kidding? I’m a fanatic. It’s one of those movies that if it happens to be on HBO, I have to stop and watch it. And I still cry at the end! I’m like the young Barbara Hershey in real life, but I love the young Bette Midler character more.” –James Patrick Herman

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