P.S. Updated

Okay…I’m getting the impression that my long post below didn’t communicate what I wanted it to….someone used the word “cryptic” (Jill!!! 🙂 ) and after rereading what I wrote I understand.

I promise that what I’m talking about is positive news and I want to just lay it all out after I get the updates done tonight. I have no intention of stopping BLB at this time. I just felt like writing a little heart to heart today and a little more tomorrow to keep you all abreast (yes, I said breast) of some developments.

I appreciate those of you who pointed out that my post was confusing. I’m bad in that I never go back and read what I write, which I’m finding out is a no no in writing classes….

See ya’ll in the morning !!!!

Someone just wrote me and thought I was leaving BLB again…LOL Why would anyone think that? LOL

The post below is not a goodbye. I plan on telling you my reasons for wanting your input on an official site which I will do after I update the site.

The post below , I suppose, is indicative for my flair for the dramatic. Sorry, that just comes natural for me…a true drama queen, but more man than any of you straighties or lesbians will ever be!!!! 🙂 ( I didn’t say that; I never said that!!!)

Toodles…Mister D!

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