Rove Live And Molly Meldrum ( Thanks so much Kirsty and Angela)

Well, I’m starting to get familiar with some of the popular chat hosts in Oz…I can’t keep up with the ones here….but I say, the land of Oz beats us in the “hottie” dept. 🙂

Anyway, more Rove Live news. Angela says the show is on the 5 th, not the 12th….so that’s really soon! LOL Angela also says there is an ad in the newspaper concerning the meet and greet with Bette… call 1900 969 435 if you are in NSW or ACT and state your name, address and phone number.

And Kirsty writes in that the show is definitely confirmed – Here’s the link again:
Rove Live Tell them you heard about it thru Bootleg Betty and Mister D….you’re sure to get NO privileges at all…. 🙂

The South Australian tickets for KMB are on sale through Bass Tickets. I think most of you knew that (it’s on my Aussie ticket page…anyone sick of hearing me say Aussie?) And as predicted, they are selling really well. But those of you last minute types may be able to get in, so order now!!!!

Kirsty also writes in that there will be a Bette interview with Molly Meldrum on Wednesday 6th April on Fox 8. If I get this right, this has been taped, but you can see some of the transcript here which comes from the April edition of the Foxtel magazine: Click Here My Little Ones (Okay, maybe I’m wrong…I don’t see a transcript, but maybe this is just a link to the show…whatever, keep an eye out on the magazine…maybe someone can scan it for us…

Wow…this is a lot to take in…I really appreciate you ladies keeping us abreast while exposing the other! (just a joke!) We’d be lost without all this help.

Mucho kisses from all the other BLB readers…

We are so excited for you ladies and germs (however, we do have a few malcontents, but we just ignore them! 🙂 )

Hoping you all have a blast!

Love, Mister D

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