I don’t know about you guys and gals, but lately I have read actual reviews of the movie, “Meet The Focher’s”, where the critic actually thought Bette Midler was the Barbra Streisand character…and I believe one of these papers was in a major market. Wish I could find the example.

Well, here’s another, but it’s not the one I saw originally: Bette Confused With Barbara-Get some new reporters! And yes, I’m a big Babs fan, too!

Then last night this article on Vanessa Wiiliams came in my mailbox because I have Bette Midler alert going on, and she’s mentioned in it…the point: The guy or lady interviewer is talking about Ms. Williams, the singer/actress/ex-Miss America/Penthouse model….says it’s remarkable how young she looks and if she has had work…well you just can’t tell…

WELL!!!! The reason she looks good (and Ms. Willimas does look good), but the picture they have up is NOT HER!!!! It’s the OTHER Vanessa Williams who is just an actress and maybe about 15 -20 years younger than the one the article is about. And this is in Philly’s paper! Anyway, here’s the link….they may figure it out and correct it, but my last glance at the page….the wrong artist was up….

Same Name, Different People

What is going on with all this sloppiness???? I mean I’m sloppy sometimes, but my sloppiness is for free. 🙂

Anyway, I see this happening more and more….esp when it comes to the “real news.”

Love, Mister D

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