Mister D Sings Miss M

I just put up all of my interpretations of Miss M songs that I have recorded over the years on my site until I can start recording some new things. I always hated singing the songs she has recorded, because, frankly, why bother? 🙂 But for the time it got me interested in music again and some of you seemed to get enjoyment from it.

I may dabble more with this concept, but there are many other songs I’d like to sink my vocals into….anyway, for the time being…they are all there for your pleasure and/or amusement…:

Mister D Sings Miss M

Love, Mister D

PS: There is one song included, however, that Miss M did not sing or record, but I wish she had…”Guilty” by Randy Newman…

PSS: And yes, Bette has a special CD of these that I gave to her on one of my encounters with her….it’s probably a coaster in Sophie’s dorm room or something now AND probably why I will never, ever see her again…LOL

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