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HUH? Bette Once Dated Harvey Weinstein?

Mister D: My friend Mark wrote me to say that the person Molly was probably referring to was Aaron Russo in this article…so it was probably Molly’s faulty memory…hey I can barely remember yesterday, much less the 70’s and early 80’s!

The Herald Sun
Molly lost for words? You Bette!

THE last time Molly Meldrum interviewed Bette Midler was in 1980, when she co-hosted Countdown on ABC TV.

It was one of his corkers . . .
Molly: Well, there you go, that was Mi-Sex with Computer Games.

Bette: My zest or my sex?

Molly: No, Mi-Sex.

Bette: The band’s called My Sex? Which sex is it?

Molly: Umm . . . ahh . . . I don’t know. That’s just . . . that’s just, that’s just their name.

Bette: You don’t know? You of all people don’t know? It’s a sex that you’ve never experienced before? I find this hard to believe. Your reputation precedes you, Mr Meldrum.

Talking from Bangkok yesterday, Molly told The Eye he remembered the interview vividly.

He first met Midler at the Hilton Hotel for dinner, walking into a screaming match between her and her then boyfriend, film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Molly interviewed her again recently in New York, for a special on Fox 8 airing tonight.

“I reminded her that at the time, she said that Melbourne looked like the a@#e end of the earth,” he said.

“I told her much has changed in the past five, 10, 20 years, and that she’ll love it.”

Midler backed Molly’s comments when she arrived in Australia, saying she couldn’t believe how much it had changed.

MOLLY will soon return to Australia after visiting people he was close to in Phuket who were affected by the Boxing Day tsunami.

He is still in talks with Channel 7 about hosting his own talk show after last year’s pilot of Mollywood.

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