Updates: 09-25-05

The New Leaf Café joins Share Our Strength and OpenTable.com in our effort to provide hunger relief to those in need as a result of Hurricane Katrina. On Tuesday, September 27th, restaurants around the country will donate a portion of their dinner sales to Share our Strength’s Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. For more info, visit :

The New Leaf Café joins Share Our Strength and OpenTable.com

On October 31, NYRP will host Hulaween 2005, a gala Tenth Anniversary celebration where environmental activists Sting and Trudie Styler will be honored with the annual “Wind Beneath My Wings”Award. Bette’s 60th birthday will also be celebrated with a special performance by Sir Elton John, and Martin Short will host a live auction.

There’s new music up (Bootleg Betty Jukebox and Bootleg Betty Records)…yeah kind of a theme going I guess…a little uplift…a little tongue in cheek humor, but not for some, I’m so sure! I mean the winds are blowing, but all the hot air is coming from the GOP spinmeisters ( or parts, thereof) !!! Oh, Mister D, you didn’t say that!!! Sorry Ma!!! And yes, she’s a repug, I mean a repub, and a huge Bette fan…LOL Just not a big Bush supporter. There is a difference!

Anyway, my whole family, and a lot of our fellow BetteHeads and friends, are on the coast…spread out through Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina, and Texas. And I know they appreciate all the help they get from all sides of the fence and all walks of life…. Things are still horrendous down there so I encourage everyone to do what you can do. Please check out the links I provided above in the red box. There are so many different ways that you can help even if you aren’t financially able to do so. There’s also a timely little video up there…may take a while for it to load…hope it works.

I had 2 Divine ladies send me reviews of their experiences at the Madison Square Garden Concert, “From The Big Apple To The Big Easy.” Make sure to check those out. Yeah, I know, dull week, what can I say!!! 🙂 You know, everyone should really just take all of this with a grain of salt…since we’re fans, we’re kind of close to the situation, but if it wasn’t Bette, it would have been someone else…the concert would have been trashed anyway. The jazz benefit a few nights before…I’m sure if you had checked news on Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, or Harry Belafonte you would have found the same type of spin and pummeling…does that make it right? No…but it’s what they do best. It’s best we ignore, hit the delete button, and focus on how to get some checks and balances in the upcoming elections……

And to get things off politics…Bette has a lot coming up in the entertainment portion of her career. Fresh off her highest grossing tour ever, there’s the new Peggy Lee Tribute CD to look forward to, so make sure to pre-order it today. Be ready for a slew of interviews and performances to back this project up. And everybody keep everybody informed…we’re a community!!!

Love, Mister D

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