And To Paraphrase Tom Petty: And She Won’t Back Down! (Thanks Dana)

Two things on Bette from The New York Post today…the first from Cindy Adam’s column, the second from Ms. Liz Smith’s column. I don’t think we’ll see Bette apologizing for anything as her jokes are used as spin to detract from an increasingly failing and weak admininistation (my words), while the bigger issues and concerns she brought up are left hanging in the air like dust.

From Cindy Adams:

SURPRISED at Bette Midler’s recent anti-Bush screed? She wants a Million Man March on the White House….(Mister D: I would be there in a heartbeat!)

From Liz Smith:

ELTON JOHN and his partner, David Furnish, co-chair the singer’s benefit at Cipriani Wall Street on Nov. 2, benefiting his AIDS Foundation. Bette Midler, Lily Safra, Ellen Barkin and Ron Perelman, Evelyn and Leonard Lauder are on board. Elton performs. CNN’s hot star Anderson Cooper hosts, InStyle magazine and Sidney and Caroline Kimmel are honored. Call (212) 210-7763.

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Love, Mister D

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