Ms. Midler “Forced” To Acknowledge BLB In Audio Interview! :-)

“And A Stunned Mister D Was Last Seen Being Scraped Off The Ceiling!”

A Mr. William Femia, producer of Open Interview, contacted me today to let me know of a phone interview he conducted with Ms. Midler yesterday. Believe me, when I listened to it I thought my company was going to have to buy me a new keyboard….meaning coffee almost came spewing out of my mouth and nose after I heard it. You’ll see what I mean after you hear the audio.

Moving on, this is actually an interesting interview. I just wish many of us had known about it so we could have contributed to the questions asked. Fans were asked to email questions in…I had no idea about this or I would have alerted you all. This interview is quite lengthy, clocking in at about 22 minutes!

To listen to the interview:
Click Here And Scroll Down (Look For The Audio Part And Click – Duh, I Guess!)

Love, Mister D

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