VH1: Pay To Play For Hurricane Relief!

Check this out: VH1 is offering a Pay To Play For Hurricane Relief! Select your favorite VH1 Classic Video (s) from their catalog and they’ll play it (them) on air! Each individual video you select to have played on air will cost you $25.oo each!

I checked it out and you have 3 Bette Midler videos to choose from (correct me if I’m wrong – I looked last night whilst bleary-eyed):

  • Beast of Burden
  • From A Distance
  • Wind Beneath My Wings
  • Click Here for VH1: Pay To Play For Hurricane Relief!

    This is a cool way to donate money to a great need and get Miss M played on the idiot box… well, that’s what we of a certain age call it! Look what it did to me!

    Love, Mister D

    PS: May I suggest we pick “Beast of Burden” to let others know Miss M can rock with the best of them!

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