Pics Of Bette Performing Live On “The Today Show”

Mister D: Bette has risen to Number 5 on Top Seller List…I think it will go higher before the week is over. Step down for the lady, Mr. Stewart! 🙂

Thanks to Julia, I know she performed 3 songs: Big Spender, Fever, and one she couldn’t remember…LOL So that can be a surprise. Okay, I got the other song now from, let’s call her, Mac!, “I’m A Woman!”. So this was a really fun, upbeat set! Can’t wait to see it myself!

See Bette perform on The Today Show: Click Here

Also today is the lovely Ms. Bette Sussman’s birthday – so Happy Birthday!!!!!

I also learned that Harlette, Nicolette Hart, is a very generous soul….she loaned her gloves (okay, they were little instant hand warmers – still a nice gesture!) to Julia when she began to perform because Julia was freezing her little twinkies off!!!

I can’t see the show until tonight…I do have a day job believe it or not… : -)

Anyway, here are some pics to look at from Getty Images: Click Here

More Pics From Globe Photos: Click Here

Love, Mister D

PS: Here’s a review from The Boston Herald to throw in the mix (Thanks to my Manilow fan)

The Divine Miss M lives up to her name on this collection of swinging and sultry classics written by or associated with the divine Miss Peggy Lee. Midler has no trouble finding the pocket on tunes both rollicking and resigned and enjoys a frothy duet with producer Barry Manilow.While her drier vocal style is less alluring than Lee’s on the signature “Fever,” Midler compensates by imbuing these saucy cocktail jazz numbers with both comedy and pathos, even as she wisely dials down her trademark brass in favor of a fizzier approach. If you liked Bette’s take on Rosemary Clooney, you’ll love this.

Sarah Rodman

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