From Sara of The Divine Dutichies

I have two tidbettes for you:

  • 1) In the Mojo music magazine of January 2006, from Brittain, Bette was featured two times. First one was a pic on page 16, from Hulaween together with Elton John. The second was a pic on page 57. It accompanied an interview with Antony (from Antony and the Johnsons). It didn’t mention Bette though.
  • 2) The first one of the big song lists was released. This list contains 4000 songs that were in the Top 40 in the last 40 years. Bette has 3 songs on the list. The Rose on number 84, To Deserve you on 993 and Beast of Burden on 2377.
  • That’s all for today

    Love, Sara

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