Happy Holidays!!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and Happy New Year, I’m going to try and take off the rest of the season, unless something really important springs up, of course!

Thanks for giving me another wonderful year. Without you guys and gals, I’m nothing. So I leave you with some music in both the bootleg betty record section (holiday music) and the bootleg betty jukebox section(a little upbeat and risque). Also some new polls are up…

I may try to put up a couple of new videos before the season is over…I just didn’t have time to get to it.

Also, super thanks to those who participated in our tribute to Ms. M’s 60th birthday video. I sent it out to anyone and everyone to get to her attention, but so far I can’t report back anything as to whether she saw it or not. I did get one phone call from somebody high up stating he thought it was beautiful and it made him tear up…and that was good enough for me. So, to all of you, who made that video so special….THANK YOU!!!! And of course, thanks to Darrell for pulling it all together or we would have had dog doo doo…

Please no love or hate mail while I’m on hiatus. I can’t promise to get back to you. Those who’ve written and I haven’t answered yet…I will get back to you…..

Peace, Love, And Joy….

Love, Mister D

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