Bette Fever Is Rising! (Thanks Nigel, The Two Marks, and Dirk)

Mister D: Lots of “Fever” action happening and a few UK things to decipher. So let’s just try and heat this place up or if you’re in the mood…we’ll cool it down.

Photo: Thanks for the hot photo Sammy!

First off, Mark P writes in to say that we can all listen to the new Junior Vasquez version of Bette’s “Fever” by going to this link: (Sorry straight people…ya have to go there!) Look to your right for “Junior’s Music” Underneath that Click On “Open Music Player” – Bette’s is the second song on the playlist. We are not sure how long this will be up, so take a listen while you can. As far as I can tell there’s no way to download this.

If you remember last week, Dirk from Berlin was kind enough to send us a couple of links to some dance mixes (Bette’s On Fire – oh but isn’t she always, my dears!). Well some people had some trouble, so here are the MP3’s – these are huge friggin files, so they take awhile to download – if you have dial-up, your pretty much … well, you know:

Click Here For The “Radio Mix”

Click Here For The “Club Mix”

Dirk, I owe you an email…sorry for the delay!

UK Updates:

I’m so confused about all this UK stuff, but here’s the latest news I’ve gotten thanks to Nigel and another Mark…ok here we go:

The Parkinson show is being recorded this Thursday afternoon (16th March) and will be broadcast at 10.25 on Saturday evening (18th March)

She is also scheduled to be on the BBC Radio 2 show “Steve Wright in the afternoon” although they haven’t given a date out yet.

On the negative side, Bette was scheduled to be on BBC show called or is about “Movie Songs” but she cancelled. Don’t know why….however, Shirley Bassey is her replacement.

Okay you YUKKERS, Treat Bette Like A Queen!!!!!! And Better Than Your Own Queen!!!!! 🙂

Ta Ta….

Love, Mister D

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