Fever And The Parables Of Jesus (Thanks Aardie!)

Mister D: Aardie, from the land down under, sent this MP3 in of the Jr. V club mix. You can download it here: From Aardie With Much Love, Fun, And Joy To All 🙂 This is a big, bodacious file, so it may take awhile to download…again for those with dial-up….may the Lord be with you! So many, many thanks Aardie. You did your brothers and sisters well!!!

Thanks for the photo Sammy Miro!

In other news: Is it true Bette will be starring Off-Broadway with Josh Groban in the esteemed Andrew Miller’s “The Prodigal”?:

Perhaps his most promising work, if musical success is determined by proximity to New York City’s Broadway, is “The Prodigal,” a jazzy, contemporary and not overtly religious piece retelling the parable of the prodigal son in modern times. “The Prodigal” sold out in Seattle in 2003 and, according to Miller, is scheduled to open off-Broadway this fall, with Bette Midler and Josh Groban starring. But he said he’s been having a hard time getting firm dates and confirmations from the producer. It’s perhaps the biggest thing to happen to one of his compositions and, simultaneously, the most bedeviling.

For the full article: Click Here

Love, Mister D

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