Mister D Gets Letters: 08/28/2006

Mister D: Na na na na na na! I’m telling on you! That’s what I would entitle the email just sent to me. Have a gander!


I BW was not happy to find your webb moving into the Jeff Stryker arena, Therefor, Please remove me from your sight and I’ll be informing Ms. Midler about this matter. I had hoped you”d be on the up n up but I now see that I want other avenues by which to connect with the woman I find to be one of the Best in the business. Therefore, Having the standards I have and I’m sure she would agree, Remove me at once and do not contact me any further other than to let me know you received this, Thank-You, BW

Dear BW:

Dear, Dear Mr. or Ms. BW, I am so sorry to have offended you and your high standards of behaviour, although you must not hold yourself to the same rules when they apply to your spelling, punctuation, and nilly-willy capitalization ( I mean the latter just runs amok, amok).

You will be sorely missed from the BetteHead community that is Bootleg Betty, even though I have really never heard of you before. But that makes no never mind. A void is a void is a void as is a hole is a hole is a hole. We will miss your void, as we will miss your hole!

I can’t help but think you may be a newbie to this site and what it’s all about. You found that offensive? Well, dear, sweet, BW, you have a about 4 years of archives to go through…I’m sure your blood would be boiling even more. I’m kind of known to be cynical, yet naive, loving, yet spiteful, but a helluva guy and a whole lotta fun. Get to know me! You’ll grow to love me!

Those who have read this site for a long time know that not only do I adore Ms. M and try to promote everything she does, but I also take the time to keep up and promote things of people whom have worked with her….singers, songwriters, comedians (male and female whether LGBT…don’t want to leave anyone out.), musicians, writers, etc…..

Now Bruce Vilanch is one of Bette’s oldest and dearest friends and he has projects just flying left and right. One of them just happened to be a one man show he wrote for Jeff Stryker (call it an autobiography with song, humour, and God knows what else) which has garnered some good to great reviews.

With all due respect to your tasteful, tasteful behaviour, I’m baffled that you even know of Jeff Stryker. Surely, my goodness me, you don’t harbor “deep” thoughts a la Jack Handy or is it a Handy Jack??? No, No, I just won’t go there with you! Anyway, I don’t think one post out of 4 years qualifies BLB going in a new direction…like the porn industry.

As for telling Bette, go right ahead (but remember to spell check if you’re going to emphasize your lofty standards!). Be consistent. And you know how everyone loves a tattle tale. You’ll be so respected.

As for now, the post will remain on-line, unless I hear from Ms. Midler or her circle of business associates, which I do on occasion. Yes, they view my page and I try my best to promote, promote, promote…but maybe they will draw the line this time. I do so hope I’m not in Trouble with a capital “T.” Until then my dear, dear BW…..

Sincerely (for a special audio message: Click Here)

Love, Mister D

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