Non Bette-related: Just Asking A Favor…

Mister D:

As many of you know my brother, Woody Bradshaw, is a singer/songwriter and has his debut CD out, “Lightning In A Bottle.” He has a new video coming out that will be shown on GAC around mid April. We’re trying to get him on CMT which is like the MTV/VH1 of country music. What we need are people requesting the video on his message board and requesting the song on your local radio stations.

He’s also doing a radio tour, so check out his schedule and also the preview of this video. The song has a great message and the video was filmed by a top notch director. The song, is The Last Thing You Do.

For those of you that have the time, if you could help…that would be awesome. You may have to register at but it’s free and simple. If you could pass the message on to 10 of your best friends and ask them to do the same thing, we can make it happen. This could be the thing that knocks him into the big leagues. Even all my BetteHeads overseas can participate.

Here’s the link to the message board: Click Here

For His My Space Page: Click Here

Thank you so much…

I may be gone for a couple of days, but I’ll be back….

Love, Don

PS: Divine Sara, I just found your email in spam..I’ll get to you soon. Andy, got your message, will get back with you, too.

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