Songs Sung Blue – The Ahmet Ertegun Tribute

Mister D: I just got confirmation of the songs Bette sang at The Ahmet Ertegun Tribute. Here are the songs:

  • Princess Poopooly
  • Beyond The Sea (first two verses only)
  • Shiver Me Timbers
  • Wish I could have been there!

    Love, Mister D

    Photo: Mazur (From The Ahmet Tribute)

    words & music by Harry Owens, 1940

    Princess Poopooly has plenty papayas
    And she loves to give it away.
    Now all of the neighbors they say:
    “Oh, mea! Oh, mya!
    You really should try a
    Little piece of the Princess Poopooly’s papaya.”

    Princess Poopooly’s not truly unruly
    To pass out papayas each day,
    For all of the neighbors they say:
    “She may give the fruit
    But she holds on to the root
    And so she has the fruit
    And the root to boot.”
    Zaza zaza zaza zaa—

    One bright Sunday afternoon
    It was field day in her papaya groves,
    But I reached the gate an hour too late.
    The customers were lined up in droves.

    So let this be a warning:
    Go early in the morning
    And it is true you’ll never rue the day.
    The Princess Poopooly has plenty papayas
    And she love to give it away.
    I mean papaya.
    She loves to give them away.

    Source: Our Hawaii by Bob Krauss – Written for Carmen Joyce, a Ziegfield Follies chorus girl who arrived in Hawaii 1924, at age 26, to dance in the chorus line of a show booked in the Princess Theater. The show ran 10 weeks, Carmen fell in love with Hawaii.

    Artist: Bobby Darin
    Song: Beyond the Sea

    (the first 2 verses of the song)

    Somewhere beyond the sea,
    Somewhere, waiting for me,
    My lover stands on golden sands
    And watches the ships that go sailing;

    Somewhere beyond the sea,
    He’s (She’s) there watching for me.
    If I could fly like birds on high,
    Then straight to his (her) arms I’d go sailing.

    Love, Mister D

    Of course, since ya’ll are BetteHeads you MUST know the lyrics to “Shiver Me Timbers.”

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