Bette Clip Incorporated In The New Don Cheadle Movie:
“Talk To Me” (Thank You Stephen)

Mister D: BetteHead Stephen excitedly wrote to me early in the morn, on the teeny tip of my 52nd birthday (I know, I Look Good…whenever I walk in a room they say “shit,”…HE LOOKS GOOD! But why am I up so early? Could it be my arthritic bones a crackin’), to tell me to tell you so you could tell…oh well, you get the drift…let’s just get on with it Mister D!…anyway, he went to see the new Don Cheadle movie “Talk To Me” and they incorporate an old clip of Bette on the Johnny Carson show where he tells her she’s a unique, genuine talent and going to be a huge star…anyway, surprises like that are always exciting…at least they are for me and………….Stephen. LOL! Okay…Thank you Stephen for the heads up…And to the rest of you ladies and germs, here’s a synopsis of what the movie is about:

Talk to Me
Focus Features

MPAA RATING: R for pervasive language and some sexual content

Starring Don Cheadle, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mike Epps, Martin Sheen, Cedric the Entertainer, and Vondie Curtis-Hall

In the mid-to-late 1960’s, in Washington, D.C., vibrant soul music and exploding social consciousness were combining to unique and powerful effect. It was the place and time for Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene Jr. to fully express himself – sometimes to outrageous effect – and “tell it like it is.” With the support of his irrepressible and tempestuous girlfriend Vernell, the newly minted ex-con talks his way into an on-air radio gig. At the station, Petey becomes an iconic radio personality, surpassing even the established popularity of his fellow disc jockeys, Nighthawk and Sunny Jim. Combining biting humor with social commentary, Petey was determined to make not just himself but his community heard during an exciting and turbulent period in Amercian History. Based on the true story. (Focus Features)

This movie is in limited release right now, but hopefully will go nationwide soon….

Thanks again Stephen…

Love, Mister D

PS: And if I got the lyrics wrong to “I Look Good”….Tough Toenails!!!!

Have a good weekend….

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