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Mister D: As I reported a couple of posts down, there is a gaggle of female movie stars huddled up in Martha’s Vineyard getting ready to shoot the remake of the camp classic, “The Women.” For many years, this movie has been making the rounds in Hollywood with major acctresses associated with it, but they come and go. Bette’s name has been ballyed around for years with this…sometimes on the list and many times off. Currently, the status of her involvement is a rumor, but it looks like it is a possibility. Some of us know Bette is on vacation right now. Coincidence??? That Vegas gig bothers me, but supposedly the shoot for her would probably not be that long. Logistics would have to be a top priority as well. I think some of you might really get a kick out of the original which was filmed with an all-star female cast. There are absolutely no men to be seen. It’s campy, bitchy, and a little over the top. There are a couple of roles Bette would be just perfect for…especially one…you figure it out. If anyone is interested, i’ll post a link to the DVD and the book which is written in play form. Very easy to read. Let’s cross out fingers that that Bette gives the greenlight to this one…the success of it will largely depend on how well the script turns out and how they update it. With Diane English involved…well it seems like a great match of talents. However, with remakes, you are treading a fine line.


Access Hollywood
July 13, 2007

‘THE WOMEN’ GET SOME R&R: An all-star cast of female film veterans are gearing up to shoot a remake of the film classic, “The Women,” but not before they take a “working holiday” together in Martha’s Vineyard. E! ONLINE’s MARK MALKIN reports that Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes and Debra Messing are reportedly on the upscale Massachusetts island for some prepwork and cast bonding. “They have hit the island for some girl time, for some rest and relaxation, to get to know each other and to read through their scenes,” a source reports. According to Malkin, director Diane English is with the actresses on their sojourn, and co-star Bette Midler is expected to join them shortly. Production of the long-delayed remake is scheduled to start in the fall.

Book Form:

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