Updated!!!!!! – It’s That Time Of The Year: I Need Your Help – Demand Me!

Mister D: I’m not how sure how hard this is to do, but I could use your help. I don’t care if you’re from Barfsville or international. The more demands I get to perform, the better chance of me getting a gig here in Nashville – plus it will help me get out of the house. This will by no means interrupt the time I put into Bootleg Betty. I am chained to you all and will always service you. (well, not in that way). So PLEASE take a little time to do this if it isn’t too hard to do….Thank you!!!

If You Can Figure Out How To Vote For Me To Play In Franklin, Tennessee That Would Be The Ideal – I Think That’s What Counts. I Think You Can Vote In More Than One Place, Also, For Those Of You Who’ve Already Voted. I Just Really Need Your Help To Get Started Again. Sorry For The Inconvenience!:

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