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  1. hey, talking of I just finished watching The Kiss My Brass concert! Completly amazing and to be honest the best one i’ve ever watched! Why don’t they realise it on dvd!!! Grrrr!!!


  2. I have no idea, and from what I gather, they’re not. I thought for sure a DVD and a Live CD would come out of that tour. I was quite surprised when I found out there were no plans…

  3. yeah, especially since it was such a large show, you would thing they would want to have an official record of it!

  4. I would kill for a DVD of that show. It was one of the top 5 grossing tours of that year. I feel like Bette gets jipped sometimes… and it sucks! That would be such a treasured DVD. Same goes for her other concerts.. They are award winning concerts. Ugh… very frustrating.

  5. I hate to be the bearer (?) of bad news, but for Diva Las Vegas, Miss Mill, and Kiss My Brass – those were Bette’s decisions to make…BUT I don’t know the reasoning. For Kiss My Brass every show was filmed, but not with the proper equipment for let’s say an HBO special…and therefore a DVD. I always thought they would go back and film a special like Diva for HBO but you would have been told at the show.

    However, I still keep hearing rumors that “Kiss” might hit HBO…but I’ve had conflicting stories…so I put those down as rumors.

    But I was told specifically that KMB would not be released from her main office. Unless they change their minds…but I doubt it.

    Hopefully they will film the Vegas Act and maybe expand on the 90 minutes…Elton did a special for his and so did Celine..

    Anyway, it’s just very, very frustrating. It’s time for a DVD and a Live CD….

    Love, Miste D

    PS: Sorry this was so long…:-)

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