Foot Recall With A Photo Finish

Mister D:

Hey Fingers and Toes (you decide which is which):

(ArtWork: Thanks Da’Vi)

I am going into foot surgery tomorrow (Tuesday 25th) to be sawed, hammered, and metalicized into some form of bionic fag…Let’s just put it this way…don’t mess with me or else you’ll find your ass kicked over a football goal. My pleasure! (just please don’t let me see that “Saw” puppet while under the knife!)

I’ll probably be indisposed for at least a day or two and reveling in the state of mind I’ll be in from the painkillers given me, but I’ll be back online within 24 hours Housebound for about 4 weeks and then I’m all new and improved.

I wanted to let you know that the “Scrapbook 4 BetteHeads” has been updated…hopefully for the better. I’ll be playing around with it and you guys play around with it. We’ll learn together. You should be able to send e-cards with them, rate them, make comments, and maybe more. Just be patient and work with me here.

I’m hoping, while I have the time, to change out music and polls, plus some other minor type features that you may not even care about.

While I have your attention, some subscribers are using their school or company email addresses which are bouncing. If you read this on BLB and you didn’t get this as an email….well, you’re one of the ones. You might want to think about hitting up Gmail or Yahoo…any of the free email accounts.

I’m still struggling with balancing time between BLB and classes, music, etc…so please be patient with me and I hope you stick around. Thanks for everything.

Love, Mister D

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One thought on “Foot Recall With A Photo Finish

  1. Best of luck to you, Don!!! Those extra-special drugs will be grand for a while! :))) I had hip surgery in May….we can talk about ‘going under the knife!”
    OH….and the site is still grand, too!!!
    Again….good luck, and best wishes!!!

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