A Test Poll

Mister D: Just testing this out for good measure. If you have more to say other than just “Yes” or “No” try the other answer box. I really don’t know what will happen or how it works…

Love Mister D

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4 Responses to A Test Poll

  1. Rebecca says:

    Do I want her to? Yes
    Do I think she will? No

  2. Sara says:

    Me too. I want her to, but I don’t think she will.

  3. Mister D says:

    Hey Ladies:

    I’m not quite sure…anybody have their guesses as to why she might or might not perform it?

    Mister D

  4. Manny says:

    Hi All!

    I think Bette will perform “Stay With Me”. Reason being the show might be filmed for DVD release and maybe even spawn a new live album, well one can only hope!


    Sydney Australia

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