Boot Tube Betty

ArtWork: Da’Vi

I put up a new video section awhile back that I tackily name Boot Tube Betty (yeah, I know, big groan from The Betteheads!) It’s little You Tube Player where I can add some of my current favorites from their site and then share with you. Well, there’s about 26 videos in there….most of the die hards have seen, I’m sure, but it’s still fun.

Just click play….you’ll see left and right arrows on the side of the player when you hover….and little stills will show in the bottom part of the player…you can let the videos play consecutively or choose the ones you want. It’s too hard for me to explain…just go play with it.

Anyway, I was just thinking about the player and I remembered I never mentioned it…

Hope everyone had a fabulous and divine day.

You can find the player here: Click Here


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