Palm Springs Opening: Then She Found Me

Mister D:

Helen Hunt talks about the movie and a couple of clips are shown…one featuring our very own Ms Midler. Found this out from Jacob at Click Here For Divinity

Love, Mister D

PS: coming up soon….Bruce On the Writer’s Strike, a book you might find interesting, and more Oprah shout outs…..

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5 thoughts on “Palm Springs Opening: Then She Found Me

  1. It will open April 25th in limited release….limited theatres, then it will open up wide May 2. Limitied release are usually going to be the bigger cities…

    Love, Donnie Poo….:-)

  2. Oy May 2nd is too long to wait!!! It’s 4 months away! I can’t take it anymore! That scene was great, though! It was just a teaser and was making me salivate haha! I miss Bette on the big screen!!!!

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