Updates: Oprah, “O”, and Uh, I Think That’s It…

Jack just posted a comment saying the Oprah link has been taken down, so they obviously have all the people they want to contact and base their decisions on. If you haven’t been contacted twice, I wouldn’t rule that out yet. Remember they will make their decision within a 2 to 3 week period. So don’t write yourself off just yet…and like a true BetteHead, Jack, who is a nominee, graciously wished everyone good luck. No one really knows what’s happening either. Even though I didn’t participate in this particular contest, anytime I do play, I somehow envision myself winning, but keep low expectations so I’m not disappointed. And of course, I’ve never won diddly squat either, so do what’s best for you.

And if I my be so bold, I don’t believe in this “I’m the biggest fan” bullshit. They are the ones in institutions…LOL Sorry, I just had to go there. Some would say I’m obsessive, but it’s not about Bette, it’s about you, the fans. Yes, I adore her, but I’m 52 and I have lots of other interests, but this page is fun to do in many ways because I truly admire Bette’s talent, her work ethic, her philanthropy, her style, and personality. All of these things have influenced me in my own life in many ways. Sometimes it just didn’t fit in with the corporate world….oops!!! But I hope you see what I’m getting at. We’re all the biggest fans for many different reasons…

So whomever is picked…don’t get jealous…just be happy for them. They just got picked over you for some odd reason…maybe they did a better job at providing the producer’s with what they wanted for the show. None of us can predict that. I would have been a horrible person to put on TV because I’m too calm….maybe they want screamers, I don’t know. I guess I could learn!!!! LOL

If you got picked or even applied…you showed you were the biggest fan in some respect. Okay, I don’t know if that made any sense at all and I know for some, no words will cheer them up if they didn’t get chosen, but it’s just life. I am 52 and I still have a problem with life not being fair. I should be over that by now, but I’m not. I still like to hold on to as much innocence and idealism as I can without being ignorant…but it’s hard to balance if you want to be an informed person. Okay…I’m preaching, so I’ll shut up now.

Good luck everybody…I can’t wait to see what’s in store. I’ll be back later with more stuff to tell you.

Much love, Mister D

PS: Jamie wrote in to say that Bette is on page 39 of the new “O” magazine issue talking about her “A-Ha Moment” No I don’t know what the A-Ha is….

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8 thoughts on “Updates: Oprah, “O”, and Uh, I Think That’s It…

  1. I needed to read this SO bad…very well said…
    I have so much to share…so much I want to say, but am holding back until we hear something…especially if I don’t make it on the “show”…I do have stories that you would enjoy…really enjoy…
    yep, I am one of those finalists in this whole Oprah/Bette thingy…one of those who already contacted you by email to tell you so…I am loosing sleep, I assure you…but I keep thinking positive thoughts…
    THIS blog today says it so perfectly…we SHOULD be happy for each other, no matter what happens…I have learned so much over the last couple of weeks…I even found THIS blog (*happy*)…I feel blessed for friends and all the positive vibes that have just exploded over this…
    I look forward to sharing the good news here no matter who “gets it” or whatever….
    I track the Oprah site daily, as I am sure most of you are doing…I also noticed that the “plug” is gone…new shows on air next week…phone lines open for Feb. tapings on Fri. 1/18…is it me or is everyone else just wondering, waiting, hoping and praying??!
    it’s exciting just anticipating what they could be working on!! no doubt it will be fun to see it on TV even if we aren’t “there”…but to think that some of us really ARE being considered?! that’s just TOO fabulous!!
    thanks for letting me ramble, Mister D…

  2. I think everyone is a big fan in their own way. Being taped on Oprah is a great opportunity for those who have never met Miss M or who can’t even afford to get to Vegas!! But it does not put them into a class above everyone else. Might be fun for a while, but in the end we’re just fans. I agree with Mister D and ~g, we betteheads need to stick together. I think the stronger the community we become, the more Bette will do things in our favor. So keep on rootin’ for our contestants out there and go see her show!!



    Well thank you Crystal. I’ve never heard that before…LOL One day, I just have a feeling you’ll say the opposite….j/k….but like Judy Tenuta used to say….it could happen.

    Thank you all so much. I need to go back and see what I said. When I write, I just go with what I’m thinking and I don’t edit. I do see something I’d like to add though, so I might.

    Wendy Poo: What was in the article…just NYRP???

    Ya’ll don’t forget to listen to Bette tonight…

    Love. Mister D

  4. Crud, I should have entered! I guess I didn’t because I was afraid Bette would think I was too stalkery and I eventually would like to meet her in a, erm, different way. But now I realise that’s pretty dumb! What a klutz I turned out to be!
    Imagine meeting Oprah and Bette all in one go! I would have fainted and then died happy!
    I keep telling myself that they probably wouldn’t have accepted people out of the US anyway. Maybe you will agree Mister D (hint, hint, just agree lol!)
    *Sigh* C’est la vie!

  5. Christina: Guess what? I agree 🙂

    I think in the rules, it states that only citizens of the U.S. and maybe Canada…can’t remember…were the only ones who can enter the contest, so it would have been a waste of your favorit time (I turned the song around….yay)

    One day soon, they ought to exclude the U.S. and only have the beautiful foreigners enter.

    Anyway….keep dreaming and visualizing….

    Love, Mister D

    I’m off to bed…it’s 3:00 AM….Lordy!!!!

  6. YAY! Thanks Mister D!! My life is (almost) complete!
    But now I hate them for excluding us! I’m going to watch Tyra from now on haha!

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