Bette Talked To Greg Hunter Tonight

Bette talked by phone….I’m pretty sure it wasn’t live, because she asked for breakfast and when it arrived the interview was over….LOL

Bette says the audience will be looped which is good. The drinks are BIG!!!!!

The show will be beautiful..Delores and Soph will show up…plenty of showgirls (I wish there we showmen, too!!!!!)

Little bit like a variety show. Have to be nimble and quick. We don’t have that anymore. No variety and we as a people are “less” for it. Mainly talking about the old variety shows like Carol Burnette, Ed Sullivan, Sonny and Cher….where you saw so much diverse talent on one show…

She plays 5 days a week with Mon and Thur off for about 4 weeks or more, then someone else takes over for 4 weeks. Currently it looks like Bette will start it out, then Cher, and then Elton….and then we’re back to Bette again…

Still scared about the voice…the weather there is very dry.

Main goal is to have fun

City councils make a difference…she gets it now.

If anybody wants to add to this just type away in the comments…

Love, Mister D

PS: To make reservations, I think they said call 877-Bette-M (I probably got it wrong and you’ll get some kind of escort service…if so, take advantage of it….) 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Bette Talked To Greg Hunter Tonight

  1. I think they play the same thing tonight as they did last night. Same time, same place. If not, I’ll see what I can do. Remember that other show played the second part of her interview last night. It should be in their archives some time today. The link is somewhere below the article.

    Love, Don

  2. I am just a few years younger than you….so I know what you mean about the variety shows back in the day…yep, we are quite “deprived” (did I spell that right??)…I lived for all those shows…watched them with my parents and sisters all the time…Carol Burnett was my idol as a young girl (and LUCY was too, of course)…as for the interview, I plan on looking for it in archives, but also will try to listen to repeat tongiht…last nightI joined in “live” but missed Bette becasue I joined way late, just before the show ended…do you know exactly about what point in the show she is on there?

  3. Hey ~g:

    Actually it seems she was on toward the very end. I had forgotten all about the show and I started listening at 10;30, so she came on in the last half hour…

    If anybody could bring back variety shows on TV it would be Bette, but I don’t foresee her doing that with the experience she had with “Bette.”

    BTW…I really, really miss the Carol Burnette…she was perfection in that genre…

    Love. Mister D

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