Palm Springs Festival: “Then She Found Me” Wins Audience Award

I just received an email from Ms. Lipman who had just received an email from Helen Hunt saying that “Then She Found Me” won the “Audience Award” at the influential Palm Springs Festival. This is great news.

I also want ya’ll to come over to my site and share your picks of who you think will win the Golden Globe Awards tonight. Just copy the nomination list on my site and copy/paste it in the comment section and basically just put about 3 astericks next to the name of who you think will win. Play along even if you have to guess…take into account…have I heard a lot about some of these…good press, bad press, etc.

I’ll be putting up my picks soon along with my guest Wyonna Award…(Why Own A Award for those of us who are slow….) Come see the picks from Bruce Vilanch, Elinor Lipman, My Mother (Loony Mama D), renowned Chicago critic Richard Knight, Jr. (Knight At The Movies), My Dad (Grumpy Papa D), and my talented brother, singer/songwriter/performer Woody Bradshaw, and Rebecca Hosking, my long time friend and singer/songwriter. She has 2 songs coming out … both performed by 2 new major label artisits. And maybe Moronica will scratch out some of her selections even though she suffers from the Bird Flue. Poor Turkey….

Love, Don

If you want to play a long…go to

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