Mister D: I never like to get hoodwinked, so to save my face (from what?), play it safe – Watch The Grammy’s Anyway – you should be in on a Sunday night anyway! Heathens!

Love, Mister D

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  1. Wow, there was so much I missed in like a day or two!!! First of all, does anyone think Bette’s hair for “The Women” looks much better on her than it did on Britney at the VMA’s?

    Grammy stuff – so I do office work for the Kansas City Chorale: and they have 5 Grammy nominations (only being broadcast in the afternoon online and then announced during the telecast). So I’m wishing them luck!!!

    AND!!! I heard my girl Crazy Amy Winehouse is performing!!! What a party…

    “One time I overturned a tray of cocaine. Thirty-five people got down on their hands and knees and tried to snort a shag rug. It was pathetic.” ~Bette (“Diva Las Vegas”)

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