Once Again I Scoop Robin The Leech:
Bette Will Be NO SHOW At The Grammys

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Superstar Bette Midler, just 12-days away from her Feb. 20 premiere at Caesars Palace, has apparently turned-down the Grammy Award producers request this weekend–and instead will stay rehearsing here rather than flying to Los Angeles for the CBS-TV show as a presenter. It had been a touch-and-go decision anyway for more than the past week–but insiders say she pulled the plug on the trip in the last 36-hours. Bette has also been nominated for her Yuletide album.

“Everything is fine with Bette and the show. It is going to be sensational. There are no problems or delays. It’s just that taking out what would really be three days from the grueling schedule so close to her major debut opening was just deemed “too much” simultaneously,” said a reliable source. “There are motorized mechanical platforms on the new re-constructed stage that will raise her above it–and everybody wants to ensure those effects work perfectly.”

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