Film Festival Update: The Sedona International Film Festival
& Workshop (Arizona) & More!

Photo: Thanks Baltoboy Boy for sending this…

Mister D:

Of course, I’m going to say that “Then She Found Me” will be making its appearance at The Sedona International Film Festival & Workshop (February 27, 2008 to March 2, 2008) , but I’m happy to report that our own Bruce Vilanch has a movie appearing here as well, “Tru Loved.” I do believe this is a first, so congrats to Bruce, Bette, and all involved in making this happen. May the best Queen win some kind of award! 🙂

For info on days and times to “Then She Found Me” and “Tru Loved”: Click Here (scroll down – movies in alphabetical order)

We all know the synopsis for Helen Hunt’s “Then She Found Me,” but most of you probably don’t know cow dung about “Tru Loved” So, I ask you lovely readers to let your eyes wander to the description below:

Tru Loved
USA 2007 – 1:39:00
Dramatic Feature
Director: Stewart Wade
Producers: Antonio Brown, Stewart Wade

Official Website: Tru Loved

Cast: Najarra Townsend, Matthew Thompson, Jake Abel, Julian Joseph Soria, Tye Olson, Alexandra Paul, Cynda Williams, Jasmine Guy, Bruce Vilanch, Alec Mapa, Nichelle Nichols, Jane Lynch, Elaine Hendrix, Marcia Wallace, Vernon Wells

Tru (Najarra Townsend), a high school student from San Francisco, is uprooted by her lesbian moms (Alexandra Paul and Cynda Williams) and moved to a conservative suburb. Her non-traditional family makes her an outsider until high school quarterback Lodell takes an interest in her. Lodell is closeted. Tru becomes a friend with whom he can be himself, unlike with his mom (Jasmine Guy), grandmother (Nichelle Nichols), and closest pals. When Tru hears the closed-minded comments about homosexuality from Lodell’s friends, she establishes the school’s first Gay-Straight Alliance. She meets Trevor (Jake Abel), a smart and charming young man being raised by his gay uncle (Bruce Vilanch). Tru begins a romance and fights for social justice as her unconventional family faces familiar struggles.


Now that the writer’s strike is for the most part over, I’m happy to report Bruce is working hard on getting the Oscar’s on track and still on the frontlines with our Divine Miss M – helping to get her ready for her Feb 20, 2007 debut at Caesar’s Palace where “The Showgirl Must Go On” dammit!

For Bette’s Official Site:
Click Here
For Bruce’s Official Fan Page: Click Here


Bette was a Grammy No Show like I was told, despite reports to the contrary. It was too bad, because it was one of the better Grammy’s I’ve seen in years, although I would have wanted her to perform. Maybe she should hold out until she can open up the show with a huge number. Show them how to make an entrance, so to speak. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that it was Cher than stepped in for her. She looked beautiful, but it seemed like she couldn’t move. Anyway, it would have been great to see Bette as a presenter and steal the show like she usually does…


Save The Date: Feb 20, 2008

Bette will be on “The Today Show” which will be pre-recorded since she will be opening her Vegas show that night. I think Da’Vi mentioned she might be on Live With Regis and Kelly, but I’m getting negative reports on that. But keep your eyes out on that one. Thanks Da’Vi….

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& Workshop (Arizona) & More!

  1. Kind of a weird question for y’all.. what size shoe do you think Bette is? Just look at her feet in the pic haha! I know, how strange, but I used to work in a shoe store, so I notice these things! xxx love u all

  2. Well she’s 5’1, but all I can say is they must be tiny!

    Sorry, I know that didn’t help at all….LOL

    Love, Mister D

  3. i dont know.
    im a 6 1/2 and people tell me i have tiny feet and im as tall as bette…well, she’s taller then me….so it can be i guess.

  4. I don’t think 6 is too small for her height. If they were any bigger, it would look weird…I should know. I’m 6’1 and wear an 11 – boats! But I’ve been told that I’ve got beautiful feet so I’m not too concerned. Right? Should I be? Oh God, I have to go………..

  5. haha lmao,
    this morning I’ve been wondering about all the different measurements in Europe and the US. Like °C/°F, miles/kilometer, … you know what I’m talking about? Christina, now you put one more on my list. shoesizes. I have no idea what a 6 is. I’m a 39 😉

  6. yes, boobs are also in a different size over there… btw, Don, what do YOU know about tits? 🙂
    hehe, check your mail.

  7. I know a lot more than you’d want to know about tits….I didn’t come out until 23, so I overcompensated in college (to all the girls I’ve loved before….) and was engaged!!!!!! And she had HUMONGOUS tits…LOL

    Saw email…writing you back…


    PS: I’m Fat now…due to certain medication…sucks

  8. Katrin, a six in the US is a 4 in British (also south african) sizes and a 37 in european sizes. you are a 6 in british sizes and an 8 in european sizes :):) I only know this stuff coz I worked at Aldo lol!

  9. thanks a lot christina, I feel very educated now 😉 so, I’m a british 6 and a european 8… mmmh, I always thought I was a TEN. are we still talking about shoes?

    ya’ll know: “the shoes are very important…as a matter of fact, I venture to say, this is a show about shoes”

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