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Some More Tid-Bettes: 02-13-08

Mister D:

Since my brain seems so scrambled today, I’m going to ask for help. I need 3 polls for the “Voting Booth” that deal with Bette and maybe somehow related to Valentine’s Day….you lads and lassies (I don’t know why that word is associated with dogs, but tough tits). I’m just in a quandry with those polls.

I don’t know if I had announced this or not, but “Then She Found Me” will begin it’s theatrixal release in the YUK some time in the month of June…it is being distributed by Curzon Artificial Eye. I’ve never heard of them, so I must find a link! That’s me…little, fat, Mr. Researcher!

Excellent review of the movie…very personal, so I decided just to make a link: Click Here (and scroll down to Feb 6)

And last but not least, we have a new book that should prove interesting/controversial/whoknows…I’d like to thank Manny for this alert. Anyway, the book is titled, LIVE AT THE CONTINENTAL: BOOK ONE: BETTE, BUNS and BALLS

Here’s a little description of Mr. Ostrow that comes from his own site:

Ostrow built the Continental Baths in 1968 and discovered Bette Midler in 1969. The Baths were not only an expression of sexual liberation, but also heralded in a rebirth of Cabaret in the city of New York. Artists of the ilk of Barry Manilow, Manhattan Transfer, Peter Allen, Margaret Whiting, Melba Moore, Liz Torres, Patti LaBelle and countless others in addition to Bette got their first big break at the Continental Baths.

To learn more about Ostrow, the book. and more: Click Here

Also Amazon is taking requests for TV titles to be released. Maybe you should write and ask for the “Bette” series like I did. Supposedly, Amazon is pressuring the relative labels. Here’s the email address:

Jeez…that’s enough info to tide you over til tomorrow. If I don’t get any suggestions for my polls, there will be hell to pay…so contact me…

Love, Mister D

PS: I’m putting music up on my Mister D site. It’s not Bette stuff…just going thru some of my old stuff…but you might enjoy…still in the process of adding music though….: Click Here


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5 thoughts on “Some More Tid-Bettes: 02-13-08

  1. Idea… Who does Bette have the best on-screen chemistry with? Richard Dreyfus (Down and Out…), John Heard (Beaches), Dennis Farina (That Old Feeling), James Caan (For the Boys), or Stephen Collins (Stella).

  2. Thank you my Divine little angel, Becci. I owe you again!!!!! I’ll just promise to get in better health…I know it’s for me, but you’ll be better off if I’m in good spirits!!!! LOL

  3. Another idea: Which Bette song should be the theme for Valentine’s Day?

    Love Says It’s Waiting – Songs…
    Make Yourself Comfortable – Broken Blossom
    Is It Love? – No Frills
    You Don’t Own Me – FWC
    The Last Time – Bette of Roses
    Drinking Again – Bette Midler
    That’s How Love Moves – Bathhouse Betty
    All of a Sudden – Some Peoples Lives
    Breaking Up Somebody’s Home – Bette Midler

    What do you think? Who said VDay had to be all about roses and candy?? lol

  4. Good Idea Steven, but I already went with greatest hits stuff thank to Andy!!!!! xxxx ooooo Really appreciate it…pressed for time….

    Love, Mister D

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