Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. I Just Can’t Right Now….

Vegas Spoilers:

New Bette CD TrackList
The Official Bette Store At Caesar’s Palace!

To go there if you really choose to Spoil The Surprise: Click Here

Love, Mister D

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12 thoughts on “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. I Just Can’t Right Now….

  1. AAAAHHHHHHHHH!! I’ll take one of everything…even the panties 🙂

    Where was the picture taken, are you in Vegas now??

    Spill it D!


  2. Hi, what a great site!
    I am a Bette FAN, and I am going all the way to Vegas from Iceland just to see her.
    I would like to give her a small present, do you know how I could arrange that???

    best regards,

  3. OMG. So excited. June cannot come fast enough! Though it’s a good thing it’s down the line a bit so I can save up for all the stuff I’ll be buying! 🙂

    BRING ME BACK A SOUVENIR!!!! I’m so jealous… a whole store of nothing but Bette and it’s a million miles away… can we get one in the local mall?

  5. I wonder if there will be posters of Bette available for purchase? I thought for sure there would be some of the new pics for sale as posters.

  6. AWWW! I want one of everything! lol Dont know if you know yet don but bette’s on the cover of advocate in march, there is an interview podcast with toni basil tomorrow(tuesday 19th) at TheStripPodcast.Com and at there will be a behind the scenes video up on wednesday! My email is still playing up so thought this would be quicker! lol

    Much love always


  7. No poi balls or Delores DeLago dolls??? 🙂 I’m sure this store is gonna be my paradise!!!

    I hope they make it an online store available through the website because I know I won’t have enough money saved only 2 weeks ago!!!

    Thanks Don!!! 🙂

  8. MINOR SPOILER- Don’t read this if you don’t wanna know about the track listing!!

    I wonder why Stay With Me isn’t on the CD????? If that’s not a “Best Bette,” I don’t know what is!

  9. First – yes I was in Vegas and now I’m back…we’ll talk later.

    Spence: As far as I know…no plans for an online store…which shocked the shit out of me….Cher and Elton have one….so maybe a little pressuring might come in handy….sometimes it works.

    Brandon: If I were rich or even of moderate income, I’d buy you what you wanted…and I know you don’t even swing my way…LOL I’ve just always liked you and think you are very talented. And in many ways, we think alike, like WHY WASN’T STAY WITH ME ON THAT FUCKING CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nicola: Just saw all your info. Damn … and my Advocate subscription ran out…my life sux… I’ll get the info up…

    Hey Macaire !!!! xxxxooooo

    Michael: I think I saw one set of posters…the boa one….not all of the stuff was out when we were there. They had just opened. The store really was overwhelming….I didn’t list everything…just what I remembered….just know that this stuff is a fortune…the stuff you’re likely to really likde…

    Hey Iceland….let’s see…gifts. I would tell one of the ushers and they’ll know what to do. Most likely, someone will just take it to her. So don’t be disappointed if you can’t go back. If you are invited, she’s really kind and gracious.

    Cris: Something told me you’d want the panties. I don’t know if that’s what they were….they were a little sturdier looking, but tiny and black….

    Charlotte: If you had to cancel your credit cards…well…maybe that’s for the best 🙂

    And congrats Peter….you were right! LOL

  10. Thanks for that thought Don 🙂

    I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for an online store… or me getting to Vegas myself… lol

    I’m glad they used some vintage artwork on the shirts…. very cool.

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